Friday, February 18, 2011

Organizing my Ribbons

I have been reorganizing my scrap room for a while now and I thought I would post a few things on how I am doing! 

I have looked so hard at how I was going to organize my ribbons so they can be moved easily for going to scrap retreats and where they can be easily accessed when I am doing scrapping at home, so this is what I came up with (and I am sorry but I can't remember whose blog I got this idea from!)

So you know those boards you get when you buy packages of paper?  Well I kept them, with the intention of making my own chipboard items but I used some for this idea. 

I cut them into strips of 3 x 6.

Then I wrapped my ribbon around them and used a paper clip to keep the ribbon attached so it won't flop all over the place.

I then punched a hole in the top.  I then hung them up on my wall on a bar with clips I bought from Ikea.


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