Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Organizing my Stickers

Oh my GOSH!!  I didn't realize how many stickers I had until I tried to organize them.  Wow!  I had originally had them in drawers but I got to thinking, that is probably why I had gotten so many, they are hidden and I forgot about them.  I want everything in my scrapbook room to be seen, that way they aren't forgotten.  So, I seen an idea online awhile ago and it has taken me till now to be fully finished with my organizing (and I still need to put tabs on but someday that will happen lol)

Here is what it looked like before:

This is only one drawer out of three that I have overflowing!

I decided to use some cheap cardstock that I picked up at Staples - I think it was $12 for 250 sheets of white cardstock, and I decided to staple on my stickers in themes: baby, wedding, christmas, etc.  Then I picked up some page protectors (again from Staples - 200 for $14)

Then I put them all into a 3" ring binder (which is overflowing)

But I keep this placed on my desk for me to see, and when I am stuck, I look in my sticker book and sure enough, I have used some up, more than I would if they were stuck in a drawer somewhere, plus it is easier to bring with you to crops and such.  Just pull out the section you would like to bring, throw on a binder ring and away you go!!!

Hope you enjoy!


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